August 22, 2009


Received from Chaitra of Aathidhyam

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February 12, 2011
Today on visiting my blog I found the amazing "Stylish Blogger Award" passed to me by Chandrani Banerjee of  Cuisine Delights. Thanks Chandrani.

March 5, 2011
Meera Rao of "Art by Meera"  passed on the "Stylish Blogger Award" today.  Thanks Meera for this honor.

Cucumber Guliappa

This was my favorite snack when I was growing up. The credit for this recipe goes to my mom who is an excellent cook.

This is my entry for the event hosted by Aathidhyam

Cucumber Guliappa

1 cucumber medium size
1 cup long grain rice
3 tbsp poha
3 tbsp brown sugar or jaggery
3 tbsp coconut grated (fresh or dessicated coconut powder)
3 cardamom pods
A pinch of salt


1. Dry roast rice lightly and soak with poha for 5-6 hours.
2. Grate half the cucumber and set aside.
3. Blend the other half cucumber with the soaked rice, poha, brown sugar, coconut, cardamom and salt.
4. Do not add water for blending.
5. Squeeze the grated cucumber and add for blending if necessary.
6. Mix the grated cucumber.
7. Heat the guliappa pan and add a few drops of oil in each hole and cook the guliappa in low flame.