September 10, 2009

Almond Roca

My daughters Samantha and Nikita love anything with chocolates. Almond Roca is their all time favorite. This recipe was given by my friend Jamie. It is her family recipe. This dessert is absolutely dangerously delicious and addictive.

Salt to Taste has announced the event Cooking for Kids hosted by Hema. This event was started by Sharmi of Neivedyam. I would like to share this recipe.


2 sticks unsalted butter
1 tblsp karo syrup
1/4 cup water
1 cup sugar
8 oz slithered almonds
8 oz mini kisses baking chocolate chips

1. In a pan take the water, karo syrup, sugar, butter and slithered almonds.
2. Cook in medium heat and keep stirring with a wooden spoon.
3. Simultaneously spray a pan and keep in ready
4. Cook the almond mixture for about 20-25 minutes till frothy and slightly dark color
5. Pour on the sprayed pan
6. Melt chocolate chips in the microwave and spread on top on the almond roca
7. Set it in the fridge till set for a couple of hours
8. Break to pieces to serve

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  1. Wow.. Thats a very easy dessert.. Bet it should have tasted like heaven! Thanks for the entry