August 20, 2010

Strawberry Lemonade Ice Cream

On our last visit to National Harbor, a waterfront resort destination on the banks of the Potomac River, Maryland, my daughter, Samantha, tried strawberry lemonade gelato. She absolutely loved it and asked me to make the ice cream version of it. Here is what I came up with it, loved and approved by both my daughters.


Heavy Whipping Cream - 1 cup
Fresh Strawberries - 1/2 cup
Frozen Strawberries - 3/4 cup

Ice Cubes - 1/2 cup
Lemonade powder - 1 tblsp or juice of one lemon

Sugar - 5-6 tblsp.

1. In a heavy duty blender, add whipping cream, fresh and frozen strawberries, ice cubes, and sugar (ingredients should be added in this order)
2. Blend the ingredients together until the mixture has reached ice cream consistency
3. Scoop the ice cream, and serve IMMEDIATELY!

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  1. HI Nutan,

    lovely desert, thanks for sharing. You metioned over at my blog, you d like a copy of my little vegan cookbook. I cannot find your email address. Would you pass it on to me, so I can send a copy over to you?

  2. delicious ice cream wonderful flavour combination
    thank you for linking